Apr 27, 2016

Race Report: Insane Inflatable 5K

Insane and Inflatable is a fairly accurate description of the 5K Alex and I ran earlier this month. I’ve wanted to run this race for a while now. I mean, the name alone makes it sound like a giant adult bouncy house. How could that not be fun?

We drove down to Lubbock early in the morning, and it was a cold morning. Here it is, April, and we’re looking at 33-degree racing temperatures. I had to completely forgo the super girl costume I was going to wear, and instead don a more comfortable and much warmer Skirt Sports Khaleesi pullover with redemption capri’s—a much wiser choice in fitness apparel. Alex even had to layer up too.
We had to bundle up to keep warm!
Wow, this race was so much fun! The obstacles were a blast. Although just about everyone around us was running through them as fast as they could, Alex and I took our time and bounced around like a couple of kids. I mean, what else are we supposed to do when faced with giant bouncy houses? The fun of the bouncy houses even had us running faster than we normally do from obstacle to obstacle, just to get to the next bout of goofiness.

Just conquered the Wrecking Balls obstacle
There were inflatable balls to dodge or kick, inflatable cones to avoid or tackle, many inflatable ladders to climb so that we could slide down the very tall inflatable slides, just straight up inflatable bouncy houses, and even inflatable hills to bound upon. We finished each obstacle out of breath and tired. I guess jumping and bouncing are pretty good workouts.

The slide to the finish line
 Another awesome thing about this race--the swag! We got shirts, medals, and even cake balls. I had such a great time running the Insane Inflatable 5K, that I am considering signing up for another one this weekend.

Sporting our finisher swag

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