Oct 27, 2015

Family Home Evenings

I know I haven't posted my Family Home Evenings in a while, but I promise you that we do them every single week.  FHE is such an inspired and wonderful program that really brings the spirit into my home and draws us closer together as a family.  I consider it one of the most important things I do each week, right up there with daily prayer, scripture study, and church attendance.

This year, I have been using a few books to guide my FHE lessons and activities.  They are wonderful books that really explain scripture stories well, especially for toddlers and children, and I recommend them.  Since my time has been more divided lately, they have been a lifesaver when it comes to FHE preparation and keep me on track with regular activities and lessons for my daughter.

This year, and really until I've finished going through the book, we are studying Book of Mormon stories and peoples for FHE.  The following books include stories, lessons, scriptures, and fun activities that have proven indispensable as we study these together each Monday night.

First, we follow the lessons from "Ites: an illustrated guide to the people in the Book of Mormon" by David Butler.  This book goes through each person and group of people mentioned in the Book of Mormon with scriptural examples, stories, and activity ideas.  This book does a great job of setting the foundation for children to better understand Book of Mormon stories as they have more knowledge of the people involved in each situation.

After we have studied the people involved, I will then do a lesson from "Who's Your Hero?" by David Bowman.  This book covers the stories of the Book of Mormon with very detailed Family Home Evening outlines included with each chapter.  He provides activity and lesson suggestions for children of all ages, even teenagers, and the activities have been creative and fun.

By using both of these books, June has learned about the people in the scriptures and why they are important.  "Ites" will be coming out with a Bible version that I plan on purchasing around Christmas time so we can better study biblical stories together as a family.  I find using these books takes a lot of the pressure out of planning FHE activities and ensures that I have no excuse to skip.

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