Aug 26, 2015

My summer hibernation is over!

Summer is hard on me with all the heat, heat, and more heat!  Due to my hyperthyroidism, I get pretty sick in hot conditions.  Sick to the point where I just want to lay in bed all day with every fan in the house on.  So, I tend to go into a running-hibernation during the hottest summer months.  I know, it's a bit backwards from the usual of taking time off in the winter, but just you wait.  I LOVE running in the cold!  That's another story for a much cooler climate.

Don't get me wrong, I still ran...just not as often and not as regularly.  My sleep schedule became skewed where I was going to bed after midnight and sleeping in until 10am.  This led to a whole series of running-related issues to include already-high temps of 90-degrees plus, and hawk attacks.  I'm talking Alfred Hitchcock type bird attacks.  I swear, they are everywhere in the small town I live!  They even live in the tree by my house and it's like they are just waiting for me to step onto the road before they start screeching and swooping at me with their talons extended.  Long story short, OUCH!  I may have scars now from these predators.  Anyway, top off the summer heat and angry birds with the fact that I took an intense summer class and my mileage has dropped dramatically.

Well, my summer hibernation is over!  I'm back to running and I'm gradually building up my mileage to my pre-hibernation stats.  It feels so dang good to be running consistently again!  My mood is better, I feel more accomplished, and I have a new set of fitness goals to start achieving.  I forgot just how much I missed running.

For those who are curious, this is how I got back into running consistently after a summer hiatus:

1) I found a running buddy!
With my motivation waning, I enlisted the help of a new running buddy.  She makes sure I get up and out the door before the sun has risen so we can get in a run before the heat becomes unbearable.  She keeps me running when I would normally stop.  She even helps me push my pace and/or my endurance.  Most of all, she keeps me distracted on those days I'm just not feeling a workout with her engaging conversation.

2) I signed up for a race.
A tried and true source of running/workout motivation for me is a race on the calendar.  My first race after this hiatus will be Skirt Sport's Virtual Boobie Run.  The cool thing about this race is that it comes with a sports bra instead of a t-shirt!  But I know I also need a formal race to really motivate me out the door, so I decided to find a race that will be on the same day as the virtual.  Running in the USA is a great site to find any number of races, and I used it to find the 10K I am now registered for.  I had to pick a distance that required some training on my part, but was also attainable in case I end up getting sick again.  Voila, 10K!  I'm pretty excited about running the Red Raider Road Race next month.  I'm also considering signing up for a Lubbock obstacle course race in October, the Gauntlet.  Doesn't hurt to keep the training alive.  Oh, how I love Lubbock.

3) I freshened up my playlist.
This one is pretty easy to do.  A new playlist, especially with newly downloaded songs, can be just the positive push I need out the door.

4) I freshened up my running wardrobe.
Since I'm a Skirt Sports Ambassador, I definitely invested in a few new running outfit pieces.  Every time I get that package in the mail from Skirt Sports, it feels like Christmas and I just can't wait to don my new apparel and take it out for a run or a workout.  And now that they have their new season and styles up online, it was an easy way to find some self-motivation.

New discoveries on new running routes, in my new running outfit.
With my dependable running buddy, new running wardrobe, new updated playlist, and a couple races on the horizon, I'm back to running consistently with a vengeance and a rediscovered love of the sport.  And once classes start, I'll have a whole new gym to take advantage of and explore.  Here's to a much more active fall.

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