Feb 5, 2015

The Law of Chastity (FHE)

This lesson, was more of a challenge to teach to a toddler, so I modified it a bit.  I used the principles of chastity--patience, obedience, and virtue--and I taught about those.  This family home evening was based on the Gospel Principles manual, chapter 39:  The Law of Chastity.

Song: We sang song #177 from the Primary Children's Songbook, Teach me to Walk in the Light.  It goes as follows:
Teach me to walk in the light of his love;
Teach me to pray to my Father above;

Teach me to know of the things that are right;

Teach me, teach me to walk in the light.
Come, little child, and together we'll learn

Of his commandments, that we may return

Home to his presence, to live in his sight

Always, always to walk in the light.
Father in Heaven, we thank thee this day

For loving guidance to show us the way.

Grateful, we praise thee with songs of delight!

Gladly, gladly we'll walk in the light.

Lesson: I like this note that is included with the chapter on teaching about chastity to children:
"This chapter includes some parts that are beyond the maturity of young children. It is best to wait until children are old enough to understand sexual relations and procreation before teaching them these parts of the chapter. Our Church leaders have told us that parents are responsible to teach their children about procreation (the process of conceiving and bearing children). Parents must also teach them the law of chastity, which is explained in this chapter.

Parents can begin teaching children to have proper attitudes toward their bodies when children are very young. Talking to children frankly but reverently and using the correct names for the parts and functions of their bodies will help them grow up without unnecessary embarrassment about their bodies.
Children are naturally curious. They want to know how their bodies work. They want to know where babies come from. If parents answer all such questions immediately and clearly so children can understand, children will continue to take their questions to their parents. However, if parents answer questions so that children feel embarrassed, rejected, or dissatisfied, they will probably go to someone else with their questions and perhaps get incorrect ideas and improper attitudes.

It is not wise or necessary, however, to tell children everything at once. Parents need only give them the information they have asked for and can understand. While answering these questions, parents can teach children the importance of respecting their bodies and the bodies of others. Parents should teach children to dress modestly. They should correct the false ideas and vulgar language that children learn from others.
By the time children reach maturity, parents should have frankly discussed procreation with them. Children should understand that these powers are good and were given to us by the Lord. He expects us to use them within the bounds He has given us.

Little children come to earth pure and innocent from Heavenly Father. As parents pray for guidance, the Lord will inspire them to teach children at the right time and in the right way."

I used this guidance as I taught June about how we must wait for some things in life.  If we are patience, then the reward is much greater than if we indulge outside of the bounds the Lord has set. The world will preach to us that we are old-fashioned or that we can do whatever we want when we want, but the Lord has given us clear commandments.  If we follow the ways of the world, then we are following a path of selfishness, disobedience, and unhappiness.  That way leads us into bondage through the consequences of our disobedience.  However, if we follow the way of the Lord, then we will find true and eternal and lasting happiness and joy.  Obedience sometimes requires patience, and through patiently being obedient, we will receive the greatest blessings.

 Activity: At the beginning of this lesson, I placed a saltine cracker in front of June (any sort of bland or unexciting snack will do).  I told her she could eat the cracker now, but if she waited until the lesson was over, she would get an even better and tastier treat.  As I taught her the lesson, she kept looking down at the cracker and a couple times she almost gave in and ate it, but she patiently persisted.  She made it to the end of the lesson without eating the cracker, so I pulled out a delicious gourmet cupcake from our local cupcakery.  She was so glad she waited!


  1. Great lesson plan! I am going to share your blog with my wards YW.

    It will be nice to share with them how awesome of a person you are and hopefully your example can spread Ma'am! ;-)

    1. Thanks so much! I hope that my blog can help others.

  2. Great idea as an introduction to my lesson about "The Law of Chastity" with the YW. I will include the scripture in Ecclesiastes 3 (To everything there is a season)! They will get the idea! Thanks!


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