Feb 12, 2015

Race Report: Cold as Ice 10K

After a whole week of mild weather, I had my hopes up for nice temperatures at the Cold as Ice 10K in Amarillo on January 31st.  But alas, the day held true to the race's name and I woke up to sub 30-degree temps and a nice snow/rain mix.  Still, I doubled up on my layers, laced up my shoes, and headed out the door to Get Fit Amarillo for a Saturday morning race.

I like running local!  I don't have to put in nearly as much travel time and preparation before the start.  I arrived 10 minutes prior to the starting gun and that gave me plenty of time to start up my playlist and warm-up.  And I really needed to warm up with how freaking cold and wet and windy it was!  I wasn't the only runner bouncing around at the starting line just wishing they would start the race early so I could get moving!  But soon enough, the race began and off I ran.
I love this shoe wall sculpture!  I'm now saving all my retired running shoes to make my very own.
The course was a quite enjoyable run, even in the frigid temps.  The 10K was a single loop that wound all over the residential areas surrounding the Get Fit store.  The houses were gorgeous and gave me something to admire while I was running.  Since this was the coldest and wettest weather I've run in, I decided to take it easy.  It never really got warmer as I ran, in fact it seemed to just get colder as all my layers started to get saturated by rain and snow.  Still, I persevered and ran on.  My original goal time was to finish with an 11:13 pace per mile, but even taking it slow I finished in 1:01:12...a  9:51 per mile pace.  I killed my rather easy goal pace!  It was still so cold outside that I had to jog a cool down mile since I didn't want to just stop and freeze.
I was freezing for this picture!  My clothes were so soaked that my light grey outfit appears near black.
Yet again, another well organized and fun race put on by Get Fit Amarillo.  I'm glad that I'm now local to this running store so I can regularly replace my depleted running supplies and enjoy a local race.  The volunteers were ready with encouraging words and were quite vigilant in stopping traffic as runners approached intersections.  The course was clearly marked.  Really, my only suggestion would be for them to offer finisher medals--you know, because I love running bling so much.  I'll be running more Get Fit races...just in milder weather next time.

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