Dec 17, 2014

Race Report: Toys for Tots Cross Country 4-miler

This last Saturday, December 13th, I yet again found myself in Lubbock.  True to running Mormon fashion, I found myself a race to run while I was there.  Sure, it meant adding another four hours to my trip, which also translates to losing 4 hours of sleep, but how could I pass up a chance to race in my Santa hat and skirt?

I found the Toys for Tots 4-miler--a cross country trail run put on by the West Texas Running Club.  Along with a minimal registration fee, they were asking for a Toys for Tots donation.  My daughter helped me pick out a toy for this.  Since this was a Toys for Tots run, there were some Marines there dressed in their blues.  They were awesome as they cheered on tired runners.

Trail Run!  This grassy field was the smoothest terrain we ran on.

The weather was ideal winter running weather, aside from the wind.  Overcast, 50's, and even a slight mist.  There were a couple hills though...steep hills.  How they found hills in West Texas blows my mind, but there they were.  I'm not accustomed to running hills as I live in the utter flattness of Eastern New Mexico, but at least they were good for blocking the wind.  Still, ouch!  I ran and I ran and I ran.  I was sporting my trail shoes, which are much heavier than my racing flats.  My hamstrings burned.  My glutes burned.  And my heart was light as I listened to Christmas music.  It felt great to open up and let loose on the trails!  I passed the finish line with a time of 37:48.  This was fast enough to earn Second Place in my age group!

This was a well-organized event.  The course was clearly marked and they had quite a few helpful, friendly, and motivated volunteers.  Really, there's nothing that I would change about this race.  Even though there were hills, they added the spirit of the Marine Corps to the race, as the corporal I was talking with says.

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