Nov 20, 2014

Race Report: LCU Turkey Trot 10K

Since we scored tickets to the Texas Tech game on Saturday, and since we were staying Friday night so my husband could spend some time with his best friend, I decided to stay true to form and look for a local race.  I not only found a race, but a turkey trot!  So, I eagerly registered for the Lubbock Christian University (LCU) 10K Turkey Trot.

Turkey tail tutu!
The weather was the coldest I've run in yet--around 20 degrees before wind chill in the morning when I left.  After the sun came up it warmed to about 30-35 degrees.  I really need to get a better jacket as my arms get so cold with the wind.  That morning it was 10-20 mile per hour.  Even with all my layers on, I still managed to sport the turkey tail bustle tutu I made earlier.  It's the second crafty thing I've created and I think it turned out pretty great, aside from glitter ending up everywhere!  I've never run in a tutu before, and after this race I'm pretty sold.  It was cute, festive, and may have even made me run faster.

The 10K course was two laps of the 5K course which would around and through LCU's campus.  I'm not a fan of lap-based courses, but this one was tolerable.  It was actually a pretty nice run.  Quite a bit of the course was on trails, so my attention was squarely focused on not twisting my ankle or tripping.  Most of the first lap I ran with a new running friend.  She also was an out-of-towner Texas Tech alumna.  Our conversation made that first 5K speed right by.  In fact, I was holding a pace much faster than I usually, or expected to, maintain.  I kept that pace, even speeding up, the whole second half.  I was passing people right and left (most of those runners were 5K-ers, but I'm sure some were running the 10K) which boosted my confidence to keep pushing my pace.  I sped over the trails, around the sharp turns, and straight through the finish line to find I demolished my former 10K personal record of 1:01:10.  I finished in 57:23!  And I felt strong.

My gold medal and first-place turkey!
 This time was good enough to earn me first place in my age group (20-29) and 3rd overall for women!  If you read this blog, you know that I race for medals.  I'm perfectly happy with a finisher medal, which this race offered.  But I was elated when I was rewarded with an additional gold medal!  I sported both medals and my Turkey Trot race shirt most of the day, as per my post-race tradition.  I also won a turkey!  Seriously, what a great race.

The food options were great:  muffins, donuts, bananas, oranges, Gatorade, water bottles, etc.  The awards were festive and fun.  The volunteers and course directors were enthusiastic, energetic, and wonderful motivators as they cheered on all the runners.  This was an enjoyable race!  My only suggestions would be to plan a 10K course that is either out-and-back or really just doesn't involve multiple laps, and to have a set time for awards. I was racing to get back to my hotel so I could shower before checkout.  Everything else was fantastic.  I was impressed by the quality of a smaller race like this, both in event planning and in swag.  Well done LCU Rec Life.
June makes this medal picture even better
I can see myself running this race next year, hopefully with June.  She would've had such a great time.  Never overlook a small, local race.  Sometimes they can surprise you, and you never regret going for a run.

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