Oct 3, 2014

Race Report: Race for the Cure Amarillo

Team Taylor at the 2014 Amarillo Race for the Cure
This Saturday, my amazing family and friends gathered in downtown Amarillo to honor our loved ones as Team Taylor for the Race for the Cure.  Three of us traveled 90 minutes to participate in this great cause.  Together, we ran/walked in remembrance of my mother Pamela Taylor, my aunt Valorie Taylor, my grandfather William Taylor, my uncle James Nelson, and Erika's mother Tracy Burden.

June hugs before the race!  She's still sleepy here, after a long night of fun with her Uncles.

I ran first, the 5K competitive race.  Since it usually takes me 3 miles just to warm up, I decided it would be best if I arrived an hour early so I could hopefully start the process before the race.  I completed some high knees, butt kicks, lateral shuffles, and strides.  Then I jogged around the block.  Already I could feel my muscles limber up in anticipation of the approaching event.  Erika recommended I listen to a proven speed-encouraging songs, so I selected my go-to tempo run playlist and had it start at the faster songs.  Warmed up and ready, I approached the finish line and the race began.  I felt great the entire run!  I could've even gone faster, or run father!  Since I've been purely training for a half-marathon, I started this race on the slower side until about mile 1 when I realized I could just be in my "end of race kick" the whole time.  So, I picked up the pace and finished with a new 5K personal record of 28:28!  I'm so happy with a 9 minutes per mile pace!   Along with this achievement, my favorite part was seeing June cheering me on near the finish line with my brothers and my father.
Racing to the finish
Following the competitive run was the 5K/2 mile fun run.  Everyone participated in this division.  Erika and Jenn pushed their daughters the entire distance in their strollers.  June held Grandpa's hand the whole time.  She even received a fun balloon upon finishing.  It brings me so much joy to share my love of running with my family and friends, and to use it as a way to honor those who have passed on.

June and Grandpa

We each participated in our own race, remembering those people who's influence made such an impact on each of our lives.  Their love and their lives will shine as a beacon of light for all their posterity.  Every stride we took was a testament to the lives and strength and courage of these incredible people.

June loves her balloon!

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