Oct 16, 2014

Charity (FHE)

Monday night, I taught Miss June about the virtue of charity for Family Home Evening.  I based my lesson on chapter 30: Charity from the Gospel Principles Manual.

Song: We sang song #61 from the Primary Children's Songbook: Jesus Said Love Everyone.  This is a nice, short song that nicely sums up the lesson theme.  It goes as follows:

Jesus said love ev'ryone;
Treat them kindly, too.
When your heart is filled with love,
Others will love you.

Lesson: Charity is the pure love of Jesus Christ.  His entire existance reflects His perfect love for every single one of us.  He set the perfect example for us to follow.  He taught us His gospel and invited us to partake in its saving ordinances.  He atoned for our sins and sacrificed His life so that we all will be resurrected and will all have the opportunity to repent and receive eternal happiness.  By His example, He showed us that the spiritual and physical needs of our fellowmen are as important as our own. Before He gave His life for us, He said: “This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you. “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends” (John 15:12–13).

We should not try to decide whether someone really deserves our help or not (see Mosiah 4:16–24). If we have taken care of our own family’s needs first, then we should help all who need help.  Jesus taught that we should give food to the hungry, shelter to those who have none, and clothes to the poor.  When we visit the sick and those who are in prison, it is as if we were doing these things for Him instead. He promises that as we do these things, we will inherit His kingdom. (Matthew 25:34–46.)

The Apostle Paul taught that when we have charity we are filled with good feelings for all people. We are patient and kind. We are not boastful or proud, selfish or rude. When we have charity we do not remember or rejoice in the evil others have done. Neither do we do good things just because it is to our advantage. Instead, we share the joy of those who live by truth. When we have charity we are loyal, we believe the best of others, and we are kind to them. The scriptures teach that “charity never faileth.” (1 Corinthians 13:4–8.)

One way we can become charitable is by studying the life of Jesus Christ and keeping His commandments.  Second, when we have uncharitable feelings, we can pray to have greater charity.  Third, we can learn to love ourselves, which means that we understand our true worth as children of our Heavenly Father. Fourth, we can avoid thinking we are better than other people. We can have patience with their faults.  We can do our best to develop charity for our fellow men.  As we do so, our testimonies and our ability to love others will grow.

Activity:  I asked June to name some of the people she loves and cares about.  She listed off family members, friends, and even our dog.  I asked her if she could think of something nice we could do for one of them to show that we love them.  June helpfully suggested that we give our friends some cookies.  So, we thought long and hard of a person that we felt could use a little extra love and we surprised them with a homemade batch of pumpkin spice sugar cookies and a fun Halloween card.  June loves to help me in the kitchen.  I never really baked desserts before I had her, and now she has me experimenting and practicing with recipes just because she loves to watch, help, and give helpful directions.  Any activity like this, where June can help make something we can eat later, turns out to be very successful.  And, we get the added blessing of a delicious (hopefully) treat afterwards.

I know that this activity closely resembles the one we did for service, but servicing others is such a wonderful way to show them that we care.  Ofttimes, through serving and helping others, we emulate charity and those people feel of Christ's love for them because of those very actions.

Ways to show kindness and love to others every day

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