Sep 5, 2014

Fasting (FHE)

This week's lesson was based on chapter 23 in the Gospel Principles manual, Fasting.  Perfect timing for this lesson as Sunday is Fast Sunday.  I plan on reminding June about the cotton balls as we start our fast.

Song: We sang song #177, Teach me to Walk in the Light, from the Primary Children's Songbook.  It goes as follows:
Teach me to walk in the light of his love;
Teach me to pray to my Father above;

Teach me to know of the things that are right;

Teach me, teach me to walk in the light.
Come, little child, and together we'll learn

Of his commandments, that we may return

Home to his presence, to live in his sight

Always, always to walk in the light.
Father in Heaven, we thank thee this day

For loving guidance to show us the way.

Grateful, we praise thee with songs of delight!

Gladly, gladly we'll walk in the light.

Lesson: Fasting means to go without food and drink. Occasional fasting is good for our bodies and helps our minds become more active.  The Savior taught us that purposeful fasting is more than just going without food and drink. We must also concentrate on spiritual matters.

We should pray when we fast.  Prayer is a necessary part of fasting. Our fasting should be accompanied by sincere prayer, and we should begin and end our fasting with prayer.  We should fast with a purpose.  We can fast for many things:  comfort, strength, faith, the benefit of others, to overcome illness, to overcome trials, to know the truth of things, for others to find the truth of things, etc.

One Sunday each month Latter-day Saints observe a fast day. On this day we neither eat nor drink for two consecutive meals. If we were to eat our evening meal on Saturday, then we would not eat or drink until the evening meal on Sunday.  On fast Sunday, members of the Church meet together and partake of the sacrament. They strengthen themselves and one another by bearing testimony in fast and testimony meeting.

When we fast wisely and prayerfully, we develop our faith.  Fasting helps us gain strength of character. When we fast properly, we will learn to control our appetites and passions.  The Savior has said to those who fast properly, “Thy Father, which seeth in secret, shall reward thee openly” (Matthew 6:18).

Isaiah, wrote of the Lord’s rich promises to those who fast and help the needy. We are promised peace, improved health, and spiritual guidance. Isaiah tells us of the blessings that come when we fast: “Then shall thy light break forth as the morning, and thine health shall spring forth speedily: and thy righteousness shall go before thee; the glory of the Lord shall be thy reward. Then shalt thou call, and the Lord shall answer; thou shalt cry, and he shall say, Here I am” (Isaiah 58:8–9).  Fasting improves our lives and gives us added strength. It helps us live other principles of the gospel because it draws us nearer to the Lord.

Activity: This activity came from Deseret Book.  I took two bowls and placed them on opposite sides of the room.  I filled one bowl with 10 cotton balls.  I told June she had to move the cotton balls, one at a time, to the other bowl using only a spoon, no hands.  And, she had to do it blind folded with me to help her.  She did pretty well with the first couple, but the blind fold kept slipping off and then I just let her play the game without the blindfold.  She said it was much easier when she could see.  I explained it was harder to find the cotton balls when she was blindfolded because she couldn't feel them.  I then told her that sometimes it's hard for us to recognize God's power in our own lives, but fasting helps us to better feel that power as we are guided and blessed by it.  Fasting is like removing the blindfold.
Step 1: pick up cotton ball with spoon
Step 2: carry cotton ball without dropping it

Step 3: Drop cotton ball into bowl


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    1. Thanks! I found it a bit challenging to come up with an activity for fasting, and I was pleased with how this one turned out.


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