Aug 9, 2014

Gifts of the Spirit (FHE)

This week, I based our Family Home Evening on the Gospel Principles manual, chapter 22:  The Gifts of the Spirit.

Song: We sang song #126, the Seventh Article of Faith, from the Primary Children's Songbook.  It goes as follows:
We believe in the gift of tongues,
prophecy, revelation,
visions, healing, interpretation of tongues,
and so forth.

Lesson: Once we have the gift of the Holy Ghost, we can be blessed with certain spiritual powers called gifts of the spirit.  These gifts are given to those who are faithful to Christ.  "All these gifts come from God, for the benefit of the children of God" (D&C 46:26).  Some of the spiritual gifts we can be blessed with include:
- Gift of Tongues (D&C 46:24): the ability to speak another language
- Gift of Interpretation of Tongues (D&C 46:25): the ability to understand another language
- Gift of Translation (D&C 5:4): translating from one language to another
- Gift of Wisdom (D&C 46:17): ability to understand people and the principles of the gospel as they apply to our lives.
- Gift of Knowledge (D&C 46:18): ability to learn of God, His laws, and all things (if we need to)
- Gift of Teaching Wisdom and Knowledge (Moroni 10:9-10):  ability to explain and testify o the truths of the gospel, and of any truth.
- Gift of Knowing that Jesus Christ is the Son of God (D&C 46:13): ability to have a testimony through the whispering of the Holy Ghost of our Savior.
- Gift of Believing the Testimony of Others (D&C 46:14): ability to know the truth of all things through the Holy Ghost
- Gift of Prophecy (D&C 46:22): gift to receive true revelations about the past, present, or future of our own lives or in the capacity of our callings
- Gift of Healing (D&C 46:19-20): ability to exercise the faith to be healed when ill, or to heal others who are ill
- Gift of Working Miracles (D&C 46:21): asking in faith, in times we need help, the Lord will work miracles for us
- Gift of Faith (Moroni 10:11): increase in our ability to have faith, for through faith we can develop our spiritual gifts

We can develop our spiritual gifts.  In order to do so, we must find out which gifts we have.  We do this by praying, fasting, and reviewing our blessings.  Ofttimes our patriarchal blessings, baby blessings, and confirmation blessings contain some spiritual gifts we have received.  We must be obedient and faithful to be given our gifts, and we should use these gifts to do the work of the Lord.  "They are given for the benefit of those who love me and keep all my commandments, and him that seeketh so to do" (D&C 46:9).

Satan can imitate the gifts of tongues, prophecy, visions, healings, and other miracles.  Satan wants us to believe his false prophets.  We can know if they are from Satan by following the Holy Ghost.  We should avoid all associations with the powers of Satan.

We should thank Heavenly Father for the gifts He has blessed us with and hold them sacred.  They are for our profit and salvation, and not for the glory of the world (D&C 84:73).

 Activity:  As I taught the lesson, I used this activity to keep June engaged.  In preparation, I used one bead per letter and wrote "Spiritual Gifts" on them with a blank bead for the space.  I strung these onto string and had them loosely tied at the top to keep the beads from falling off.  I was anticipating having three kids over for FHE, so I prepped three necklaces.  With toddlers, I like the pony beads best as they are easy to string and are larger in size.  You can also find them in all sorts of shapes.  I just bought the miscellaneous beads package. 

 I wrapped fun shaped beads in colorful mini-envelopes and labeled each envelope with the name of a spiritual gift.  Now that I think about it, I could've put a picture that symbolized that gift on it instead so June could pick it out.  As I talked about each gift, June got to open the corresponding actual gift, and then string the bead onto her necklace.  At the end of the lesson I told her that these aren't all the spiritual gifts Heavenly Father gives us.  Sometimes, when we need extra help, we can ask Him in faith and He will bless us with whatever spiritual gifts we need.  So here, June got to string a bunch of extra beads onto her necklace.  After her necklace was complete, I told her that we should always be grateful to Heavenly Father for the spiritual gifts He has given us, just like we should be grateful whenever we receive a gift from anyone, so we need to thank Him for these gifts.  At this, June shouted, "Thank you Heavenly Father for all my pretty spiritual gifts beads!"

Modeling her completed necklace

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