Jul 28, 2014

Hot Blooded 10K

Another weekend another race, and this weekend's race was the Hot Blooded 10K in Amarillo. This race was based out of the running store Get Fit, which has the absolutely best running-themed decor I've seen yet.  In the dressing room was a wall hanging made entirely of running shoes in the shape of a heart.  I want to make one of these with my own retired running shoes and hang it up in my living room...or maybe my bedroom.  Either way, I will have one!

I want one in my house!

Of course, my pre-race OCD took solid hold on me, so the entire drive down to Amarillo I was mulling over how I would do my hair.  I finally settled on a more intricate-braid style with three french braids leading into one big braid down my back.  And then, I had to lay out all my running gear the night before.  I had picked out a race outfit the week prior:  purple shirt, purple-striped running skirt, purple socks, purple active headband, and running flats.  It had to be fully color-coordinated!

My friend Kathryn ran the whole thing with me and we were pushing so hard that we weren't our usual chatty selves.  The course started at Get Fit and would through the neighboring neighborhoods.  This area was populated with beautiful old homes that provided us with brilliant distraction in the moments we were becoming fatigued.  I mean they were gorgeous!  Manicured lawns, rustic decor, and intriguing architecture.  Another benefit to this race route was the good-sized tree lining the streets on both sides of the road offering us some much appreciated shade and a solid wind-break.  We could barely feel the 12 mph winds gusting and the searing 85-degree heat felt a mere 75-degrees.  We pushed our pace harder and harder with each mile until we saw the familiarity of the Get Fit shopping center.  Then we broke into a sprint which used up the last bits of our energy reserves.  We passed the finish line scoring another 10K Personal Record of 1:03:43!

This was a cause of celebration, so following the race we purchased some delicious icy beverages from Sonic.  I was thankful I parked my car so close to the entrance to the store!  We were able to open up the back and just chill there until the awards ceremony/door prize announcements began.  Of course afterwards, I fulfilled my usual post-race tradition of eating a Mexican meal by going with my family to Pepito's Restaurant.  That place was fantastic, and they even gave us free dessert!  With how tired I was feeling, I thought it would be a great idea to add a new post-race tradition of taking a nice, long nap after consuming such a delicious feast.  Another race down, and still getting faster!

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