Jun 18, 2014

Help me become a Cover Model for Women's Running Magazine!

I'm still in shock!  I was chosen out of 1,800 applicants to be one of nine finalists in the Women's Running Cover Model Contest!  Help me win this contest by going to http://womensrunning.competitor.com/cover-model-contest and voting for me, Rachel B!  You can vote daily until July 2nd.  Share with everyone and spread the word to help me become the September 2014 Women's Running Cover Model!  I appreciate all the support I've already received and will receive in this.  This contest entailed writing about the time I found my strong.  That moment for me was my first race ever, and here is my write-up:

"I didn't think the word "strong" applied to me until I participated in the military heavy division of the Bataan Memorial Death March Marathon. The race covered 26.2 miles in full military battle dress uniform while carrying a rucksack with about 40 pounds of weight.

I wasn't nearly prepared enough, but I was determined to see the marathon through, especially after I had the opportunity to shake hands with actual Bataan Death March survivors. Their courageous story put my discomfort in proper perspective and sustained me during my own physical challenge in honor of their sacrifice.

Toward the end of the race, my feet were covered in blisters, my hips ached from the weight of my ruck, and my endurance was waning from the previous miles uphill in sand, but with the help of my teammates I pushed through the pain and the fatigue to victoriously cross the finish line. I was utterly spent and just about cried from relief as I peeled off my rucksack and received my finisher medal. Nonetheless, I’ve never felt more elated! That day, I found my strong and discovered I can indeed achieve great things."

I'm so thankful to have this opportunity.  Women's Running is my favorite magazine and to be on the cover would be a dream come true.  I hope that I could be an inspiration to others; to maybe inspire someone to lead a healthier life, get into running, start Family Home Evenings with their children, and especially to develop their testimony of our Savior.  What a wonderful way to be a representative of this wonderful sport, of my community, of the military, and most of all, of my family and the gospel.  So, please vote for Rachel B.


  1. Voting for you every day!! Good luck!

    1. Thanks so much for your support! It really means a lot to me.


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