Jun 23, 2014

Final Camp Director Tasks

This last week has been crazy busy with all of us leaders scrambling about trying to complete last-minute tasks.  The big ones have been accumulating all camping materials, collecting permission slips and parent notes, making sure the girls have everything with a bag drag, and assembling awards and treats.

A bag drag is where everyone brings in their packs a day or two before departure, then empties them entirely.  Leaders go around and check to make sure each person has all required items for the trip/mission. We also used this bag drag to check for secret sister gifts/ideas and to pack the larger items like sleeping bags and mats.  After about an hour, my car is packed to the ceiling with just enough room to carry three people.

This is just my stuff and some of the leader gear

I found these cute certificates off  Sugar Fresh Designs.  All of them are so cute, with the additional bonus of having a candy treat attached to it.  I picked six of them to pass out to each of our girls the last night of camp.  I figured candy is always a good 'award' and young women seem to enjoy the little handouts, so these awards should go over well with our girls.  These are the ones I chose:


This past Sunday, I wrote this jodie.  It was an easy write and came to me quite fluidly; I think I may have been a bit inspired with this one.  I felt like we needed a jodie to go along with our theme:  Build Our Own Testimony--and that is just what the title of this jodie is.  For those of you who are familiar with military chants, this one goes along to the tune of the Air Force jodie Combat Controller (which I'm sure is a take on an old army jodie).

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