Jun 13, 2014

Camp Director Task #5: Mailbox and Flag

Wednesday was our last camp preparation activity with the young women, and it was incredibly successful.  Our last big task was to make our ward's "mailbox" which will be used to pass tasks, goodies, and notes.  We wanted our mailbox to resemble our flag somewhat, so I went easy and bought a black plastic file box that fit our required dimensions.  The girls lightly roughed the exterior with sandpaper so the paint would stick.  Then, using stencils they painted "Clovis Ward" on one side in white paint.  On the opposite side they stenciled "Teancum's" then with bright, colorful paint pens they added "Special Forces" underneath.  They didn't want to leave the final two sides empty, so we all signed our names to add more personalization.  On the remaining side, a couple of the girls painted flowers, a boot (for Boot Camp), and covered the empty space with polka-dots.  The mailbox looks fabulous!  I took it home and mod-podged it to seal the paint, then I added our amazing ward design on the lid.  Mailbox completed!
Amy, our Young Women President, brought in the finished flag.  We started working on it last month and she took it home to add the finishing touches.  After we finished the mailbox, everyone signed their names on the back of the flag.  I'm so impressed with how it turned out!  It's militaristic with plenty of femininity.
I love the enthusiasm and creativity the young women and their leaders have brought to every camp preparation task we've been assigned.  They are really going to make this year's girls camp a success.

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