Jun 8, 2014

Camp Director Task #4: T-Shirts and Jodies

Camp is fast approaching and with the fundraiser successfully complete, all our young women camp activities from here on out are the more fun ones.  This last camp-preparation activity, we made our ward camp shirts and we wrote a pretty awesome jodie.  No kidding, the girls were fantastic with the jodie- writing.

My wonderful and talented cousin, Jessica Isaacs, designed our shirts.  She really captured exactly what the girls wanted, and we are all so grateful to her for sharing her skills with us.  I printed up the design and each of the girls' names with their camp level onto t-shirt transfer paper, so they were able to iron these onto their shirts however they wished.  The shirts look great, and they were super easy.  Now, I just need to assemble my shirt...
A Jules Isaacs Original Design
 The girls were a bit shy with jodie writing at first.  Lucky for them, I have no shame when it comes to singing in public.  I sang out some of my favorite jodies both from Air Force Field Training and from what I remember of my own girls camp.  I love the jodie "Glorious Victorious," which is a fairly popular military chant.  Granted, it's about killing and death drinking, so we just wrote our own lyrics.  I'd have to say, I think our version is more fun, but I'm biased.  Since we'll be camping in tents and provided with limited facilities, each girl will only get one short shower during the camp out.  Our girls are really great about this and haven't murmured one bit, but we thought this would be the perfect topic for a comical jodie.  Without further a due, here is our original Clovis Young Women jodie:


  1. I love the t-shirt design and I love the words to the jodie! Sounds like your girls' camp will be fantastic!

    1. Thanks! Jessica definitely did an impressive job; all the girls love the design! Our young women are so enthusiastic, talented, and helpful when it comes to any of our camp prep. I'm so blessed to have this opportunity to work with them in this capacity.


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