May 4, 2014

June's First 5K


My 3-year old daughter June completed her first 5K race on Saturday, the Hula Hustle!  She's hiked the distance before with me, but this was her first official 5K race.  At the Hula Hustle, you get "lei'd every K".  Our team was the Orange Iguanas, based on the 90's Nick game show Legends of the Hidden Temple.  I miss that show.  My friend Keri and her husband joined us for this race.  They both finished in the top 25!  I'm so proud of them!

Team Orange Iguanas

She was so excited all week.  She kept talking about how we needed to "run the race" so we could "win the trophy!"  Then she would ask to try on her race shirt.   However, when race day arrived, she was cranky and fussy.  And this continued through most of the race.

She started off running as fast as she could.  It was so cute, watching her little strides as she'd yell to me, "Faster Mommy, we have to win the troohy!"  She continued for about half a mile that way, then she got tired and I carried her a little ways until we saw the first lei station.  She insisted she run to get her lei, and she picked the pink one.  After a little ways, I carried her again and we high-fived runners coming back.  At the half-point lei station, she picked a purple lei.

The problem arose when we turned around and the wind picked up.  June hated the wind!  She started fussing and began to throw a tantrum, so I had to carry a crying toddler about a mile.  Wow, were my arms burning.  But, once we hit the next lei stations she composed herself and picked out a green lei.  She wanted me to pick her up again, so I carried her until we had only 1/4 mile left.  Once she saw the finish line, she wanted to run across it, so she grabbed my hand and took off.  She was holding a fairly decent pace and we crossed the finish line at 57:13--what a fast baby girl.  The race volunteers thought she was so cute and she received two very nice leis: a blue flower one and a pink flower one.

Although she got fairly cranky, it was still a good experience.  For the rest of the weekend she would stop and tell anyone who would listen about how she "won the race."  Absolutely adorable.  I'm glad she had fun overall.  I want to instill the joy of fitness into her at this young age so she will always have good feelings about staying fit and being healthy.  It's also a great joy for me to be able to share one of my great passions with my favorite person.  I hope this continues for years to come as I would love to have my daughter run many future races with me to the point where she smokes me every time.

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