May 31, 2014

I need to start lifting again

Yes, I'm injured again.  My ankles, primarily my left, have been hurting for a while.  It took an attempted 9-miler last week to realize something is really wrong.  Although I was feeling great, right from the start my left ankle was in agonizing pain.  I thought I just needed to warm up, but at only 1.5 miles into the run I had to stop from this sharp pain--which felt like the inside part of my ankle was going to explode out of my leg--and hobble home.  I literally hobbled back to the house.  From there, I promptly called and made an appointment to get it checked out.  I still don't have a clear diagnosis on this injury, but I'm getting an MRI done on Tuesday.  Hopefully by then they'll start me on a treatment or physical therapy.  I'm incredibly thankful that my doctor told me I can still run, I just need to keep the speed down.  I about jumped for joy, as I've successfully completed slow-running with minimal aggravation of whatever it is I'm afflicted with.

In the meantime, I feel I should also get back into strength training.  Strengthening all my running and non-running muscles should lower my risk of further injury.  Additionally, after I'm all healed, it should also make me faster.  I firmly believe my cardiovascular system can handle a faster run, but now my muscles are fatiguing at the quicker paces.  Maybe this injury thing is a sign that I need to take care of the strength-portion of running and not just focus on endurance.

This morning I delved back into my fitness training books and decided today's weight-routine would consist of a total-body 21's workout.  I love 21's due to their effectiveness in targeting different muscle fibers by focusing on different aspects of the range of motion (ROM) with each exercise.  While performing 21's, ensure your form is impeccable and you handle the weighs slowly and controlled.  Each exercise consists of 21 repetitions, hence the name 21's, with the first 7 reps being only the bottom half of the exercise, the second 7 reps being the top half of the exercise, and the final 7 reps being the complete exercise.  Start with lighter weights as these can prove challenging at first.  You can accomplish this workout up to three times a week on non-consecutive days.  Be sure to stretch and hydrate thoroughly afterwards.  Beginners should start with 1-2 sets and increase up to 4 sets as they are ready.  This took me about an hour to finish.

Let me know how you like this workout!

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