Apr 17, 2014

Looking for a race

With all the success I've been having in running, that I really didn't expect, I now I feel a burning need to runa half marathon...soon.  I know I'll need to train this time, so I've devised a flexible training plan.  Although I like structured programs, I find if I miss a day, it's like I'll never make it up and I stop training.  To counteract this mental trench I dig for myself, I developed a flexible and friendly program.  Each week will consist of five workouts, three of them being critical for fitness building, and two as encouraged-but-optional.  The best part of this plan, is that the workouts can be completed in any order, as long as they are finished in a 7-day period.  So, if I don't feel like doing my long run on Saturday, I can run it on Monday and be done with that workout first thing in the week.  If I'm on vacation, all I have to worry about are three workouts instead of five.  If I'm feeling extra-motivated, I can complete all workouts.  I feel like this will be a fool-proof plan.

I wrote out a master training schedule with the workouts separated by "Must Complete" and "Optional".  The workouts can be completed on any day that works best in your schedule. I'm trying to figure out a nice-looking checklist type schedule which will better break down each week, which I'll post once I come up with it.

Now... To find a race that fits into the time schedule, has great swag, and is in a fun location. Oh, and has awesome bling. Really, the bling is the most important part. I race for the medals.  This program is 12 to 16 weeks depending on which point you decide to jump in at.  That should leave plenty of opportunities for a plausible half marathon then. Anyone want to join me?

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