Apr 23, 2014

Conquering the New Mexico Texas Challenge

Saturday I completed another awesome 10K, the New Mexico Texas Challenge Race series.  This race is held in Hobbs/Lovington, New Mexico.  My friend Kathryn ran it with me; it was our second 10K together.  This time, I was going to run with her the entire way.

The drive out there started at 5:30 in the morning...way before I usually wake up.  It's about a 2-hour drive and on the way we encountered cold temperatures and rain.  Luckily, the weather on the course was a perfect 60-degrees, overcast, and no moisture...at least until the final mile and a half.  Our pace was fairly steady and our energy levels were high.  I love feeling the excitement of a race--the whole event feels of anticipation, achievement, and determination.  Our goal was to beat Kathryn's best time of 1:08:22.

Victory sprint across the finish line!
We had been passing people steadily since mile two, and on the second loop of the race we were even passing 5K runners!  However, just after mile four, on the last leg of the race, the wind picked up.  All around us we could hear runners cursing the wind.  Our conversation ebbed as all our effort went in to maintaining our pace.  The only thing that kept me going at that pace was counting my cadence.  First, I was counting my strides every minute, trying to maintain 90 to 100 steps per minute.  When that took too much effort, I started counting breaths in a mantra-like manner, "One-two-three (in)-two-one (out)."

Race completed, PR achieved, and medals rocked.
We rounded the curve and saw the finish line, so we grasped hands and held them high as we sprinted across the finish line!  Together, Kathryn ran a new 10K Personal Record of 1:07:41! And our finish line pictures were pretty great as well.  Great race, wonderful atmosphere, motivational spectators, effective volunteers, and a fast, flat course.  I give this race 5-stars.  The best part though, was the sportsmanship and camaraderie we built from accomplishing this race as friends and running buddies.

What to do with all these bibs???
Now, I have all these awesome race medals and bibs.  My medals, I proudly display on a wall-mounted hanger built for me by my friends Eric and Meichelle.  Yet, I'm not entirely sure what to do with the bibs.  What do you do with your race memorabilia?  Race bibs, medals, and t-shirts alike?

Love my "Every race has a story" medal hanger.


  1. You ladies are so inspiring! Keep at it, Love ya!

    1. Why, thank you! You should totally join me for a run sometime. The Hula Hustle is coming up... ;)


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