Mar 23, 2014

Running Buddies + New Gear = Renewed Motivation

Before Wednesday, it seemed that my motivation was waning.  I did some basic work outs, but nothing near the level of intensity I needed to train for this 10K. I decided I needed to revert to a proverb form of motivation, a running buddy. I called my friend Maria, and the next day we both went for a run.  I ran 5 miles, which is the farthest I've run straight since I developed my thyroid condition. Marie is such a wonderful running buddy. She slow down when I needed to slow down and she was very motivating me the entire run. I wasn't really expecting to run the entire distance, but once I saw we already reached the four mile point, I knew I could do it. That run with Maria gave me the renewed motivation and renewed confidence I was lacking, which now is fueling my excitement for Saturday's 10K. I now know I can run the entire distance, and I'm fairly confident I will PR.

Maria used a gps watch to track our progress. Usually I just strap my phone to my arm and use a mapping app. I like the mapping apps because I can see my route, so if I get lost I can usually find my way back to were I'm supposed to be. The big drawback to a mapping app is that I can't just look at my wrist and see how how far or how long I've ran.  I have to actually take my phone out of the pouch on my arm to see my progress. Additionally, it drains my phone battery. I find at the end of a 45 minute run, my phone is just about redlining.

After seeing the ease of the GPS watch on a long run, I was convinced I needed to get one. Luckily I hadn't spent all my birthday money yet, so I picked up the Nike+ sport watch.  With my new running gear, the brand-new GPS watch, I was completely ready to do a run. I was actually ready to go out immediately that day even though I had just completed a fairly difficult run, but I restrained my enthusiasm for the next afternoon.

The very next day I went for a run with my friend Keri. We went 3 miles, completing walk-run intervals, and the GPS watch worked wonderfully. It really proved itself on this maiden run. I was able to tell her how much further she had left to run and keep track of our total progress, with all that information right there on my wrist in big bold numbers. While it took the GPS watch about three times as long as the phone app to attain a GPS signal, it was well worth the price. I look forward to going on frequent future runs just so I can keep checking my Nike+ profile running log and discovering all sorts of new achievements and trophies I've earned.

This week was a true testament that running buddies and new gear can fix anything, especially a fitness rut.

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