Mar 13, 2014

Camp Director Task #1: Announce Camp and Assign Responsibilities

I'm absolutely loving my new calling as Clovis Ward Girls Camp Director.  This has been my dream calling for the longest time.  I love working with the young women, and I love all things outdoors that don't involve water or snow, so this is right up my interest-ally.  Additionally, this year's camp theme is "BOOT Camp", BOOT standing for "Build Our Own Testimony", which makes it military-related.  With my active duty military experience, I feel I can finally use some of that knowledge and accessibility to making camp successful.  No kidding, I'm fairly enthusiastic and excited about camp.

Last night I made the first camp announcement to the girls in the form of a jodie (military marching chant).  One of my assistants, Diane Coleman, and the Young Women President, Amy Coddington, were amazing and assisted me as my "echo" for the jodie.  Diane dressed in army-green and combat boots while I wore legit pink-camp-BDU pants, my old dog tags, and hiking boots.  So, together, we chanted:

It’s again that time of year, (repeat)
Girls Camp preparation’s here! (repeat)
This year’s theme is gonna be (repeat)
Build our own testimony! (repeat)
Closer to God, in the mountains we may (repeat)
Pitch our tents, and learn, and pray (repeat)
From June 24th thru June 28th (repeat)
We’ll bond as stake sisters and strengthen our faith (repeat)
Our knowledge and skills and love will grow.  (repeat)
We are all excited to go! (repeat)
Girls Camp! (repeat)
Boot Camp! (repeat)
Girls Camp Boot Camp! (Huah!)

I think it went pretty well.  I think those in attendance found it entertaining and hopefully cute.  Following the jodie, I gave the details of camp and described four young woman leadership positions I need to fill.  In following with the military camp theme, I called these "Young Woman Camp Officers".  I want to make sure that the girls are taking an active role in planning, organizing, and carrying out their own camp.  It's not as fun when the adults take over completely; I feel my purpose as Camp Director is to guide, follow-up, and ensure standards are complied with.  I'd have to say, I'm so proud of these wonderful girls.  Each of them stepped up and volunteered to take on a leadership role to the point where I didn't have to "volunteer" anyone.  They are truly incredible young women. Roswell Stake Girls Camp 2014 is going to be incredible, and I'm hoping that it will also be a powerful testimony-building experience for the young women and leaders.
My awesome "boot camp" costume.  Why not have fun with the theme?


  1. awesome!! this is our theme this year, as well, with a focus on
    Be Strong Be Courageous
    Be the Best You can Be!

    1. It's such a fun theme! We're starting to really get a move on all our camp prep so I'll have more posts coming soon on this.

  2. do you have an basic outline you use every year for camp? I could use a little guidance
    Florida stake camp director-

    1. Are you at the ward or stake level? Feel free to email me at and I can send you the information that I have. Are you also doing an military theme, or are you looking for something more generic?

  3. I would also love information on your basic outline or anything you would be willing to share with me! email address THANKS!
    (we are using the theme BOOT Camp. Reading through this gets me so excited!
    Tammy Reynolds

    1. All the information I have for planning a BOOT camp theme camp is in this blog: It contains links to all my posts on how this camp was planned, and also an outline. Good luck in planning!

  4. Hey, This is great!! I'm also wondering if you wouldn't mind sending a basic outline. Overwhelmed as well.


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