Feb 3, 2014

Weekly Motivation #2

Monday is the best day of the week to either start or get back to your fitness regimen!  I hope the following quotes give you that motivational push you need to complete your workouts this week and to achieve all your goals.

# 1) I start my 10K training plan for the Women Rock 10K next week, so this week I'm working on prep.  Get your run on!

# 2) Never surrender to despair.  You have the strength and determination to overcome your obstacles and accomplish you goals!

# 3) This is your year!  Be fierce and unstoppable.

#4) Why not give back this week?  Look for opportunities to serve others and you will find renewed strength and gratitude to help you through all your activities this week.

#5) You have to earn your results through your hard work.  Own this week.

Today is my fresh start on a new fitness program!  I'm going to dominate a Focus T25 workout, I'm going to eat clean and healthfully, and I'm going to do my best to uplift those I associate with so their weeks will be amazing as well.  What will your week look like?  Are you starting a new program or are you continuing on one?  Either way, you've got it!


  1. You're a great motivator, Rachel! I get on my treadmill every day, then I do some floor exercises. I wish I could do more, but my hip and ankle wont' let me. Makes me feel old! But at least I'm still moving! Thanks for all the positive thoughts!

    1. You are amazing for being so consistent with workouts! I try to keep up with motivation so I too stay consistent.


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