Feb 6, 2014

Snow Day!

 I love the snow.  Living in Eastern New Mexico though, I don't get to see it nearly as often as I'd like.  So on days like this, where we get about three inches and the temperatures drop overnight icing over the roads enough for my husband's work to declare it an off day, I take advantage of the family time.

First off, I had to get my workout in before I became too distracted.  I've been using the Beach Body Focus T25 program as a supplement to my running.  Today's workout was Speed 1.0--a mix of interval training consisting of speed, explosive, and power work (plyometrics-based). I love this program.  It gives me all the results the Insanity program delivered while keeping the workouts down to 25 minutes each.  The exercises are challenging.  I end every workout coated in sweat and breathing hard.  I feel like including this with my race training makes me a more well-rounded athlete and I've noticed a significant drop already in my running times post-injury.

Any foam roller will do!
My calves still burn from the previous week's worth of workouts to the point that immediately following this workout, I had to pull out my foam roller.  The foam roller is so amazing and so beneficial to improving performance and decreasing recover time that it is now a staple in my home gym and fitness programs.  I get some of the benefits of a massage without the price tag.  If you don't have a foam roller yet, I recommend you obtain one ASAP.  There are many different varieties of foam roller and each offers a different type of self massage.  Really, any and all of them will aid in fitness recovery.  Just pick whatever type stands out to you.

With my workout thoroughly dominated in my opinion, I then had ample time for family fun.  My daughter absolutely loves snow, so when she saw it start to come down last night, all she could talk about was building a snowman with daddy.  And that's exactly what she got to do.  Travis took her outside and together they built a baby snowman...or is it snowbaby?  It still stands proudly right outside our living room window so we can all admire it while it lasts.  She also got to do her other two favorite snow activities:  stomp in the snow with her snow boots and catch the snow flakes.

Our snow day is concluding with an evening of relaxing in the recliner sipping hot chocolate with my slippers on while taking full advantage of our new Netflix subscription (I know, it's taken us a while to get one).  I'm so thankful for days like these.


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