Feb 4, 2014

Samuel was a prophet (FHE)

Tonight's Family Home Evening featured Samuel the prophet for lesson #6/9 in our Follow the Prophet lesson series.
Hannah bringing Samuel to Eli
 Song: I based tonight's lesson on the sixth verse of the Children's Songbook Song #110, Follow the prophet.  We sang the song and played follow the leader while marching around the house:

Samuel was a prophet, chosen as a boy.
Hannah promised God her son would serve with joy.
In the tabernacle, Samuel heard his name;
He was called by God and answered, "Here I am!"
Follow the prophet.   Follow the prophet.   Follow the prophet, don't go astray.
Follow the prophet.    Follow the prophet.   Follow the prophet, he knows the way.

Scripture/Story: For our story, we read the chapter about Samuel in Old Testament Stories.  June liked to follow along by pointing at each picture as I read.

June showing me Samuel the boy prophet
Activity: Since the story emphasizes the Lord calling Samuel and Samuel hearing His call, the activity focused on how we can be prepared to listen to the spirit.  I found a cute puzzle on the LDS family fun website.  It had pictures of different things we can do to prepare ourselves to heed the call of the Spirit:  repent, pray and fast, study the scriptures, keep the commandments, be reverent, think good thoughts, and receive personal revelation.  I printed it out and had it laminated, then I mounted it on thick foam board.  I used an exact-o knife to cut the pieces out.  They were a bit jagged, but I think if I had taken more time on it, they would've turned out nicer.  Either way, it worked.

June found all the pieces
I hid the pieces around the house.  I told June that if she listened closely, she could hear someone guiding her to a puzzle piece.  For the representation of the voice of the Holy Ghost, I recorded June's name being called in triple and placed a wireless speaker by one piece at a time (a phone on speaker could also work, a written clue about the location of the piece, or even someone hiding with the piece).  It took her a while at first to figure out the voice was guiding her, but she found her puzzle piece and placed it into its spot.  Each time she found a piece, I would teach her about how doing the action represented on it would help her be ready to listen to the spirit.  As she found more pieces, she was able to follow the voice and find them faster and faster (I steadily turned up the volume each time).  When she had her whole puzzle assembled, she followed the "spirit" one more time and she found a bag of gummy bears, her "blessing" for listening.
 Lesson: The intention of this activity was to teach June that she has to be prepared to listen to the Spirit.  If she's not doing good things that invite the Holy Ghost around her, then she will not recognize His call.  When she is striving to be righteous and to do
as the Lord would have her, she will receive guidance from the spirit.  The more she follows the Holy Ghost's guidance and counsel, the easier she will recognize the hand of the Spirit in her life.  As with any skill, she will need to practice listening to the influence of the Spirit.  The more she does this, the more she will receive blessings in her life.

Since June loves puzzles, this was a wonderful activity for her.  After she got two puzzle pieces placed, she would jump up, cup her hand to her ear, and say "Mommy!  We need to be reverent and listen!"  She says the absolute cutest and meaningful things.  I'm blessed to be able to have these gospel learning moments with her week after week.


  1. Another great lesson with some really good ideas. June will always remember FHE with fondness. I love the speaker idea. Clever!

    1. I hope she does; she seems to enjoy them. Travis got me a mini Bluetooth speaker for an early birthday gift, so it worked out well.


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