Feb 5, 2014

I know I'm a runner because...

In light of all this beautiful cold and snowy weather we've been getting, I've been resorting to indoor workouts, mainly Beach Body workout DVD's.  I'm intensely craving an outdoor run, so I decided to try and get some resemblance of a running-fix by reading through some run themed memes.  Here are my favorite runner ebibs. I'm guilty of ever single one of these.
This has been me each day this week.  This extreme cold (for Eastern New Mexico) has kept me indoors.
I'm usually worse as I have to finish my runs on the whole mile.

Sometimes I think I can actually complete the posted distance faster than driving, in traffic.
This was me every day I was injured and banned from running.  It's still me even if I completed a run!
Which one best describes you?

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