Feb 8, 2014

Can what you wear affect how you perform?

I know appearance isn't everything, but I find that on those days where I feel I look good, I'm happier, confident, and more motivated to be productive.  Which is why I put quite a bit of thought into what I wear before big events:  speaking in church, group activities, or even a race.  Since I was asked to speak at the Roswell Stake Conference (like a big church meeting with all the congregations of a specific area), I've been trying to pick out an acceptable outfit that will give me that confidence I need to speak in front of so many people.  I haven't given a talk (like a sermon) in church in almost ten years.  I haven't really spoken in front of people about a subject I care about in nearly that long.  This is important to me and part of my talk-preparation-ritual, along with prayer, study of the topic, and actually writing, is to dress for success. I think I've narrowed it down to three outfits, but I can't get myself to pick any one of them just yet.  It's funny, because I have most of my talk written, but because of this one little detail, I still don't feel even close to ready!

I'll take pictures of potential outfits and send them to friends for their expert advice.

I go through the same ritual before a race.  I will pull out my favorite pieces of workout apparel and thoughtfully go over each item until I find the perfect combination.  Sometimes, to achieve that perfect outfit, I need to go out and buy the missing article of clothing.  Ofttimes, I'll shoot pictures to my friends asking their opinions.  However, once I have my running garb picked out, set out, and ready to go, then I feel ready to go.  I usually have it all nice and folded in a very specific OCD order:  shoes as the base, then socks, shorts, shirt, undergarments to usually include matching colored sports bra, and hair accessories on top.  That is the finishing touch of all the months of preparation it took to get me to that event.  Oddly enough, on those days when I feel I look good in my workout clothes, I literally perform better--whether it be a race or an every-day run.  I can hold a faster pace, my legs feel fresher and stronger, and my endurance is improved.  In fact, those are also the days where I tend to get my personal best times and/or distances.  Cute and coordinated running apparel literally improves my fitness performance.

I tried 4 different outfits once before I settled on the right one.
Back to my stake conference speaking outfit.  I'm hoping that once I choose my ideal outfit, everything else will fall into place for me.  I'm hoping that my confidence will skyrocket and I will deliver an uplifting, inspiring, and profound oration that will benefit my audience and please my Lord.  After all, self-confidence is the best outfit.  Yet again, a cute and coordinated skirt-shirt-shoes-accessories combination can positively affect my performance.


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    1. I, no kidding, do this all the time! Even when I went to see you yesterday I was thinking, "Which outfit should I wear to the airport and for shopping with Erika?"


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