Jan 28, 2014

Pre-Workout Gummies

On those days where I just can't get myself motivated to get out of pajamas and workout, I find taking a pre-workout supplement is that one which will get me moving.  Pre-workouts aren't for everyone, but if you swear by them, you'll love this new pre-workout option.

I found this recipe on www.thefitbaldman.com and it is absolutely amazing!  I'm already an avid-fruit snack/gummy bear consumer so this recipe completely rocked my fitness world.  The only drawback I can see is stopping myself at just one serving.  I use Cellucor C4 since it is my absolute favorite pre-workout--in my opinion it has the best taste and doesn't leave me feeling super jittery--but you can use any pre-workout mix.  This recipe calls for sugar free jello, but you can use either one.  Just be wary that the calorie count will be higher with regular jello.

Cellucor C4 Gummies

Delicious C4 Blue Raspberry gummies made by my friend Keri Estavillo

Preparation time:
30 minutes

1 package Sugar Free Jell-O
3 envelopes unflavored gellatin
4 scoops Cellucor C4 (preferably a flavor that closely matches your Jell-O flavor)
1/2 cup ice cold water
Candy molds 36 total

1) Mix gelatin with C4 and Jell-O
2) Slowly add gelatin mix to 1/2 cup ice water.  Mix well.
3) Let sit until mixture becomes thick and slushy.
4) Microwave mixture on high for 1 minute 15 seconds.  Top of mixture will bubble and foam.
5) Using small spoon, carefully pour mixture into candy molds.
6) Put mixture in freezer for 10 minutes, or refrigerate overnight.
7) Remove from freezer/refrigerator and remove from candy molds.
8) Store gummies in airtight container or ziplock bag.

Nutritional Info:
1 serving (1 scoop C4) = 9 gummies
Calories: 40  Fat: 0g  Carbs: 1g  Protein: 8g  Fiber: 12g


  1. Haven't been sick since starting this vitamin supplement! The first few weeks I felt a lot more energy and well being, and I want to push myself more.

    1. It's a great pre-workout! I feel like my running has improved because of it.

  2. I recommend taking supplement early in the day after a big breakfast. Drink plenty of fluids! Also, unless you are working out for hours and hours, fitness trainers I know recommend 2 servings per day.

  3. I'm starting to like it better, prob it needs a bit getting used to. Does the C4 give you a jittery feeling?

    1. It makes me feel tingly for a couple minutes at first, but it wears off pretty quick. I don't feel jittery on it, just energetic and focused. But I only take it before a workout.

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