Jan 14, 2014

Noah was a prophet (FHE)

Yet another successful Family Home Evening last night.  We continued with our Follow the Prophet lesson series this week by studying the prophet Noah.  I had two separate stories on Noah and each focused on different aspects of his ministry, which means June had the delight of playing two games.

The first story focused on Noah as trying to preach to the people.  We discussed how Noah, being a prophet of God, tried to call the wicked people of his time to repentance.  They were so evil that the Lord told Noah He was going to flood the earth to cleanse it of the rampant evil.  Noah preached the doctrine of repentance and tried to warn the people of the impending destruction, but to no avail.  They did not heed his words or his warning and thus, they were destroyed when the waters came.

June telling her animals to say they're sorry!
 For our first activity, I set up all June's stuffed animals and toys, then had her "preach from a high place" aka from her Minnie Mouse bean bag chair.  She was to "call them to repentance and warn them" by telling her animals to be good and say they're sorry or the flood will come!  She had a lot of fun doing this.  I think I have a future missionary on my hands.  She said "Be good animals!  You need to say you're sorry!  You can't be naughty or there will be a flood!"  A few of her animals "decided" to change their ways and, along with June, the few of them went in the "ark" (her crib).  Then, the flood waters came in (a few blankets Mommy tossed around the room) and the naughty animals were swept away.

The second story focused mainly on the ark and the animals, so for this activity I made a set of matching cards.  I had 9 pairs of animals broken up by males and females (the females had bows).  Whenever June found a pair, she would save them by placing them in the ark, an envelope I glued a picture of an ark on.
She's excited to match the animals.

 I found the animal pictures on the website www.christianpreschoolprintables.com.  The Noah clipart I used for the back of the cards was from www.clipartof.com.  She just loves games and enjoyed this activity too.  Her favorite cards to save were the hippos. 

 She also got to color a picture of Noah's ark, her favorite type of activity.  I printed the picture from whatsinthebible.com

We ended this FHE by singing the verse on Noah from the Children's Songbook hymn #110 "Follow the Prophet" while playing follow the leader.  This verse goes as follows:

Noah was a prophet called to preach the word,
Tried to call repentance, but nobody heard.
They were busy sinning--Noah preached in vain.
They wish they had listened when they saw the rain.
Follow the prophet.  Follow the prophet.  Follow the prophet, don't go astray.
Follow the prophet.  Follow the prophet.  Follow the prophet, he knows the way.

Another successful FHE.  Monday nights are easily my favorite evening of the week.  I love watching June learn and grow and have fun in the gospel.  She is growing so fast and has a passion for learning.

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