Jan 20, 2014

Motivation for your week

There's nothing like reading four different fitness magazines while driving the three and a half hours home from a gluttonous vacation to really get me motivated to eat clean and workout. While I'm feeling thus empowered, I want to share with my wonderful readers a summary of an article I find inspiring both on a fitness and spiritual level. This comes from the January edition of Women's Health Magazine and the article is titled, "Finding the Winning Edge."  It lists six mental strengths of Olympic athletes.

#1) Perseverance: fierce and steadfast dedication; hold tight to your dreams with patience and true grit

#2) Self-Awareness: introspective evaluation; having an accurate measure of your own ability

#3) Resilience: calm and intrepid elasticity; taking things in stride and adapting to new situations

#4) Perspective: optimistic and hopeful mindset; believing in one's own ability to create a better reality

#5) Focus: sharp and purposeful concentration; staying cool and observant under pressure

#6) Discipline: consistent, self-propelled motivation; reading that no one is going to force you or do it for you

These strengths of mental fortitude are applicable to every facet of life and each needs to be developed through practice.  Even if the task ahead seems difficult or impossible to conquer, try.  Apply these mental skills and build your strength.  Soon enough, through hard work and determination, they will become a habit.  And you will have achieved your goals. Good luck on your challenges this week, and keep your motivation high.


  1. You are such a talented writer. I always enjoy reading your blog.

    1. Thanks! I try to make them meaningful and applicable :)

  2. Love that quote from elder uchtdorf!


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