Jan 21, 2014

Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were prophets (FHE)

We had another successful Family Home Evening yesterday.  Continuing on our Follow the Prophet lesson series, we learned about the prophets Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, specifically about the covenant they made with the Lord and how that covenant is continuing to be fulfilled through us today.

 After reading the stories of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in the book Old Testament Stories.  Then, we sang the fourth verse of Follow the Prophet (Children's Songbook, #110) and marched around playing follow the leader:

Abraham the prophet prayed to have a son,
So the Lord send Isaac as the chosen one.
Isaac begat Jacob, known as Israel.
Israel's sons were twelve tribes, so the Bible tells.
Follow the prophet.  Follow the prophet.  Follow the prophet, don't go astray.
Follow the prophet.  Follow the prophet.  Follow the prophet, he knows the way.

Abraham's lineage through the 12 tribes of Israel
Abraham made a covenant with the Lord to obey the laws, commandments, and ordinances of His gospel.  In return, the Lord promised Abraham that his descendants would receive the gospel and the blessings pertaining to it:  eternal life, salvation, the priesthood, and numerous posterity.  (Genesis 17: 2-7, Abraham 2:9-11)This covenant was continued with Isaac and Jacob.  We can have these blessings too as descendants of Abraham (either literally or through baptism) if we keep the same covenant Abraham made.

Since the Lord told these great patriarchs "I will multiply thy seed as the stars of the heaven" (Genesis 22:7), I bought a few packages of the glow-stars.  

 June and I wrote the names of some of Abraham's posterity, from himself and Sarah to the twelve tribes of Israel on the stars.  Then June counted and placed them onto some black paper, which was supposed to represent the heavens.  Next, we wrote the names of our family onto the other stars and she placed those onto the paper as well.  We were still left with over 100 glow stars that we scattered over the rest of the paper.  

These stars represent the posterity of Abraham born and unborn.  We talked about how we today are the realization of the blessings for Abraham and our children are continuing in the fulfillment of his covenant.  I then showed June a few pictures of the Milky Way as seen from earth, then some of the Hubble Deep Field Images.  I told her to try to count all the stars, but there were too many.  Then we talked about how each star represents the posterity of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

 The Lord always keeps His covenants as long as we keep those covenants from our end.  He wants to give us these blessings within the bounds that He has set.  Just like Abraham, June and I need to obey the laws, commandments, and ordinances of His gospel to receive these eternal blessings.  We should also keep all our promises.

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