Jan 11, 2014

5 Ways I Get Motivated to Run

It can get hard to stick with a workout routine.  Once that initial dose of motivation wears off, you need to find ways to stay motivated.  Here are five things that keep me lacing up my shoes day after day.

This doesn't just mean a constant download of new songs, although that does do the trick.  Rather, I'm constantly changing up my playlists by adding songs, removing others, and hitting "shuffle" once and a while.  I even have a playlist for each type of workout: speed work, intervals, long run, easy run, tempos, and cross training.  As I learned from today's run (ironically as I wrote this post I was having a hard time working up the motivation to do my own run), a movie works just as well.  I definetly got lost in a show making my workout over before I knew it.

When I know there are cute workout clothes just waiting to be worn in my closet, I'll never skip a run--especially if my shirt matches my shoes and my headband.  My self-confidence skyrockets when I look good in my running outfits, so I look forward to wearing them.  As long as I only wear them when I'm actually running, then cute and coordinated running clothes are an effective motivator.

Sometimes, I just need to shake up an old routine.  The best way to do that is to vary the workout or to vary my route.  If I'm bored with the same interval routine, then I'll search online for one that looks fun and exciting.  If I'm bored with running the same streets again and again, then I'll search for a different road to explore--even if it means I have to drive to get there.  I've discovered some beautiful scenery and seen some pretty interesting things while embarking on a new trail.

It's nice to set a running date with good friends.  Not only do I get some much-needed time with my girls, but they will make sure I get my run in that day.  My running friends keep me accountable, consistent, challenged, and sane.  They also keep my running fresh and fun.

Really, this one doesn't need explanation.  I run, then I can eat pie.  Or chocolate.  Or french fries....

How do you get motivated to workout?

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