Dec 29, 2013

Welcome! A bit about the Running Mormon.

Welcome to my new blog! I fully intend to post at least twice a week. I love running, so you'll hear about my upcoming races, training, workouts, and weird things I see it do on my runs. I'm also a devout Mormon, so I'll be writing about such things as Family Home Evening (FHE), my wonderful youth Sunday school class, Visiting Teaching, temple trips, missionary work, and the gospel.

I love being a mother to my beautiful 3-year old daughter, June. I think she is the best kid and absolutely perfect. I graduated with my bachelors of arts in Russian Language and Area Studies from Texas Tech University. I'm a veteran of the air force where I was an intelligence officer. I'm a certified personal trainer through the International Sports Sciences Association.  I'm currently serving as a Sunday School teacher for youth ages 15 through 18 in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints.  I like fitness, yoga, running, biking, swimming, anything outdoors that doesn't involve heights. I also love reading the scriptures, reading in general, playing guitar, being pampered, and traveling.

I love when everything seems to align just right for a perfect lesson. After looking over the lesson topics for December on the Come Follow Me webpage (the lesson manual for teaching the youth), I felt that the lesson I needed to teach was on "How can I effectively share the gospel?" So I prayed, asking my Heavenly Father if this was the lesson He wanted the youth in my class to have this week and before I could even get all the words out, I felt a resounding  "YES". The spirit enveloped me like a warm blanket and I knew this was the lesson.  Reaffirming this lesson topic additionally, the sacrament meeting talks were about member missionary work! All the speakers gave me a perfect segue into my lesson. To top it all off perfectly, my class was merged with the 12 through 14 year olds so I was teaching all the youth; each one of them answered questions, made comments, and read scriptures.  They also loved the candy canes  I handed out at the end with a few pass-along cards and seemed excited to start on a New Year's resolution challenge: to prayerfully pass out one of the cards by the end of 2014. 

The power of prayer is truly amazing. Our Heavenly Father loves us all so much and wants to help us with anything: big, small, and everywhere in between. He wants us to ask Him questions, give thanks, and talk to Him about what is going on in our lives. All I asked Him for here was to know what lesson I should teach. Not only did I get the answer, but all things were aligned in such a way that the lesson turned out to be the best I could teach. I hope that my students felt the spirit and have learned something they can apply in their lives to strengthen their own testimonies of Jesus Christ.

As this is my first real blog, I hope my writing becomes more articulate and just a good read for you. I'd love to hear your questions, and if you feel so inclined, join me on a run or at church.

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