Dec 31, 2013

Adam was a prophet (FHE)

For Family Home Evening (FHE)* in the upcoming weeks, I’ll be basing my lessons on the Follow the Prophet 9-week series from the website, a wonderful site for toddler FHE ideas.  This site had been my inspiration for FHE the past year.  Monday’s lesson was on the first verse of Follow the Prophet from the Children’s Songbook (song #110).  The song goes as follows:

Adam was a prophet, first one that we know.
In a place called Eden, he helped things to grow.
Adam served the Lord by following His ways.
We are his descendants in the latter days.
Follow the prophet.  Follow the prophet.  Follow the prophet. Don’t go astray.
Follow the prophet.  Follow the Prophet.  Follow the prophet. He knows the way.

We learned about prophet Adam, focusing on how he tended the plants in the Garden of Eden and how we are all his descendants.  My objective with this lesson is, by using Adam’s example, to teach June how to work and how to be obedient to the commandments.

We were fortunate this week to be in Amarillo, so we did FHE with my dad and two of my brothers.  After an opening prayer, we all lined up in a row and played a game of follow the leader while singing the first verse of Follow the Prophet.  As we marched around the house and yard, we each took turns as the leader.  Then, we repeated the song and June got to be the leader the whole time.  She kept looking back at everyone marching behind her, grinning ear-to-ear.  
Following the song, my brothers and I took turns reading June the story of Adam and Eve from the Berenstain Bears Storybook Bible.  She enjoyed the story at first, but began to get antsy about half-way through. She was being sneaky and kept trying to get into the supplies for our activity.  I think next time we’ll read the story first before she builds up a bunch of energy during the song.  Hopefully then she would be a little more attentive.  It’s a great book though, told in an easy-to-understand fashion with beautiful illustrations in true Berenstain Bears style.
Afterward, it was time for the activity!  Adam not only tended the plants in the Garden of Eden, but was also told by the Lord to grow crops because “thou shalt eat the herb of the field” (Genesis 3:18) so that “in the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread” (Genesis 3:19).  Accordingly, June got to plant her very own windowsill herb garden!   This way, June will enjoy the tasty cilantro and basil after she has worked to take care of it.

June got to decorate her pot, fill it with potting soil, plant her seeds, and then water them.  She enjoyed each step so much, she decided she was going to plant her uncles’ and grandpa’s herbs as well.  While she was planting (with minimal help from her uncle Tommy), I discussed the above lesson.  In addition, I also explained that Adam and Eve served the Lord by keeping His commandment to “be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth”, (Genesis 1:28).  Since they were obedient, all of us today and all of us who have lived on this earth are their many-greats-grandchildren.  Just like the tiny seed she was planting would “be fruitful” and “multiply and replenish” her herb garden, we also are the fruits of Adam and Eve’s seed.

I didn’t realize how much June would enjoy the planting!  She practically pushed her uncles out of the way so she could just keep filling the pots with soil.  Or she would attempt to steal their seeds so she could plant them all by herself.  It was absolutely adorable.  I do wish I had better prepared for decorating the pots.  If we do this activity again, I will make sure to have glue, ribbons, stickers, and markers so she can add a June-touch to her garden.  Moreover, I will probably end up printing and laminating herb-care instruction cards and labels to stay with the plants for easy reference.

Overall, the lesson was a success.  Every time June and I tend to her herbs, she can continue to remember and apply the principles of work and obedience in her own life.  Plus, we get to reap the rewards as we harvest the garden-fresh cilantro and basil.

If any of you end up doing this activity or a similar one, please comment below and let me know how it went!  I’d love to hear from you.

*Family Home Evening: aka FHE, is a time for families to study the gospel together and to do other activities that strengthen the family spiritually, create family memories, and increase unity and love.

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